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Invest in the Best. Vote YES on April 5th!

Vote Yes Apr 5

Nicolet Needs You and You Need Nicolet

Because An Investment in Education Is An Investment in Property Values

Nicolet Forward is committed to continuing Nicolet’s tradition of educational excellence by encouraging our friends and neighbors to vote YES on Nicolet High School’s $77.4 million facilities referendum. We are parents of current Nicolet students and Nicolet alumni, homeowners and community leaders from Bayside, Fox Point, Glendale and River Hills.

The Nicolet referendum has a broad cross section of support from throughout the community. 

Why is the referendum needed?

Nicolet is an award-winning high school that provides an excellent education in the classroom as well as learning experiences offered through the performing arts, STEM, athletics, and a variety of clubs outside the classroom. Without the referendum, Nicolet’s ability to maintain this excellence will be damaged.

We believe that Nicolet’s facilities updates and expansion should improve the learning experience, increase academic performance, and make our school more accessible by:

  • Providing an environment where students, faculty, and the community are embraced and feel safe and secure
  • Providing an environment of inclusion, Nicolet school pride and a venue to foster and build community relationships
  • Developing flexible learning spaces for student and faculty interaction and support
  • Establish an avenue for collaboration between community, education, and recreation

Why vote YES on the referendum?

We believe that continued excellence at Nicolet High School is critical to the future of our community. The quality of our local public schools is directly linked to our property values; strong schools equal high property values. Compare this cost to a decrease in your property value of minimum 10% or $10,000 on a $100,000 home if the referendum fails and Nicolet’s excellence declines.

How much will it cost taxpayers?

Taxpayers are being asked to pay an additional $9.25 per month per $100,000 of your home’s value for each of the next 21 years.

How can you help?